For the first time surgeons can trust the accurate laparoscopic 2D picture. Especially during laparoscopic procedures where large cavities need to be shown correctly, our new K4000 camera shows all details.
Our Ultra-High-Definition 4K complements and supports the human eye (retina) by the most up to date imaging techique. The new K4000 camera visualizes in particular deep located operating areas, tissue deformations and gives always the correct perspective.
This systems improves the learning curve of surgeons and reduces the OR-time tremendously.

K4000 Features

4K UHD resolution (3840 x2160)
with 3 Chip technology

SDI 4K output, HDMI 4K

Enhanced color and structure,
true natural color, improved
surgery imaging

Boost, zoom, freeze and
fog reductuction function

Recording function (video/image)

10 user modes,
multilingual menu

3 CHIP 4K UHD Imaging


  • Significant more detail and structure enhancement
  • Color and brightness improvement
  • 4 times higher resolution


Multifunctional Camera Head

  • Weight-reduced
  • Soakable, STERAD 100S
  • Cable length: 3m
  • Ergonomic, raised push buttons
  • 4 freely programmable buttons

4K TV-Adapters

  • C-mount, soakable
  • Fixed focal length with manual lock (f=14mm, 25mm, 28mm)
  • Zoom Adapter (f=15 - 36mm)

4K Endoscopes

State-of-the-art Laparoscopes to achieve excellent image quality and finest details in Ultra High Definition.

  • 4K Laparoscopes 5mm / 10mm, 330mm / 450mm working length, 0° / 30°
  • 4K Arthroscopes 4mm, 175m working length, 0° / 30°

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