RZ Bulldog Clamps

Titanium Bulldog Clamps

Titanium Arterial & Bulldog Clamps

  • Different pressure color coding (A-Artery / V-Vein)
  • Lightweight
  • Non-magnetic
  • Corrosion-resistance
  • Atraumatic DeBakey serration

Robotic Bulldog Clamp

Safe, Precise, Atraumatic

Special laparoscopic robotic bulldog clamp - for the use with ProGraspĀ®
Atraumatic closure of vessel thanks to DeBakey toothing and consistent pressure.
Made of high-grade AISI 420 Steel: easy processing and cleaning.


  • Specifically designed for use with robotic surgical system
  • Single surgeon placement via Pro-GraspĀ® instrument
  • Atraumatic DeBakey clamp design
  • Introduced through 12.5mm cannula
  • Suture hole for easy retrieval

Applying Forceps


  • 10mm diameter
  • rotatable
  • Luer-Lock connection
  • Detachable (Titanium Bulldog Clamp Applier only)

Endoscopic Bulldog Clamps

Different, high-end Clamps for vascular and bowel surgery


  • Secure holding of occlused tissue structure
  • Occlusion of vessel and other tissue without additional port
  • Atraumatic cross clamping of the colon
  • DeBakey serration
  • Straight and curved jaw shape, 17-60mm jaw length