Benign Prostate Hyperplasia

“Holmium laser enucleation of the prostate (HoLEP) is a minimally invasive and size-independent treatment for benign prostatic hyperplasia with excellent long-term surgical outcome”

Dr. Felipe C. A. de Figueiredo, 2020
Director of Enlarged Prostate Institute
in Caxias do Sul - Brazil
Head of Endourology of Pompéia Hospital

“HoLEP has proven itself to be the new gold standard in surgical treatment for LUTS secondary to BPH with the ability to endoscopically treat prostates independent of size, with durable long term outcomes”

K. Akhil et al 2020



Laser Resectoscope according Dr. Felipe C. A. de Figueiredo
Slim HoLEP with 22 Charr. outer diameter provides the smallest resectoscope you can use with the same shaft as with a morcescope.

  • Working element based on standard resectoscope design
  • Snap on mechanism for laser fibers and easy connection with the scope
  • 2.9mm scope diameter
  • Compatible for HoLEP and ThuLEP for fibers up to 1.2mm


Morcescope according Dr. Felipe C. A. de Figueiredo
The smallest 22 Charr. Morcescope reduces the risk of surgical side effects such as urethra damage and urinary incontinence. After Laser Enucleation, the Morcescope and Morcelator can be used with the same sheath which avoids any additional traumatization of the urethra.

  • High picture quality
  • High flow irrigation channel plus additional irrigation port
  • Compatible with Morcellators of R. Wolf, Lumines, Karl Storz and Dornier
  • Shock resistant optical fibers - longer lifetime

Laser Enucleation
& MorcelLation

Combining the 18.5 Charr Laser Resection working element with the 22 Charr Morcescope provides even a smaller diameter instrument during laser enucleation.

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