Sets for spinal retraction

Cervical und lumbar

Caspar Cervical Retractor

  • Titanium Color coded, radiolucent
  • Side load for optional exposure
  • Large variety of blades
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Rainbow Retractor Set

  • MRI und X-ray resistant titanium
  • Different colours for length marking
  • Non-glare finish
  • Double-joint retractor arms
  • Suitable for single and multi level retraction
  • Quick and secure assembling and disassembling
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Caspar Lumbar Retractor

  • For medical and paramedical approaches
  • Fenestrated titanium blades - radio lucent
  • Flexible positioning through retractor hinges
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Butterfly Retractor Set

  • For posterior lumbar and thoracic spine surgery
  • Large variety of blades with different designs
  • Easy to handle and intiutive assembling
  • Nicely stored in a tray
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LT Retractor Sets

  • Double-hinged retractor for optional positioning of the spreader and joints hold in position
  • Blades easily connected by snap-lock
  • 360° rotatable blades
  • Simple adaption of blades with 2 different connectors
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