Hysteroscopy Set


Office Hysteroscopy is getting more and more important.
Diagnosis and treatment in a minimal invasive procedure becomes the new standard.

4mm Diagnostic Hysteroscopy Set

Consisting of:
  • 4.0mm Hysteroscope, 30°
  • 5.4mm diagnostic inner shaft
  • 6.5m outer shaft

2.9mm MIDI Operating Hysteroscopy Set
with 5 Charr. working channel

Consisting of:
  • 2.9mm Hysteroscope, 30°
  • Operation inner shaft for 5 Charr. instruments
  • 5mm outer sheath

Hybrid Resectoscopy

The RZ HYBRID Resectoscope can be used bipolar as well as monopolar way. The Resectoscope and the Electrodes can be used for both – that makes it a real hybrid device. The small 18.5Charr. system has multiple advantages like the optimal and painless use with virgo patients.

Even with this small and handy system the surgeon is able to treat all the hysteroscopic pathologies like polyps, myomas, uterus septa, isthmocele and endometrial ablation. Direct vaginoscopy access is possible and no cervical dilation is needed to proceed time-saving surgeries with 16 Charr.

HYBRID Hysteroscope Set

Consisting of:
  • 4.0mm Hysteroscope, 30°
  • Passive working element
  • Continuous flow sheath, 26 Charr.


Different electrodes for the Hybrid resectoscope for monopolar and bipolar usage are avaiable

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The Advanced Hysteroscopic Instruments combines an ergonomic lightweight handle
with special color-coded finger ring.
The rotating mechanism allows optimal positioning and the integrated automatic closing and
holding mechanism makes grasping easy.
The instruments had been developed in close collaboration with
the Italian surgeon Dr Accardi.

7 different instrument jaws